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Contents :Management Functions Behavior


Block 1 : Role of a Manager 

Unit 1     Task of a Professional Manager

Unit 2     Responsibilities of A professional Manager

Unit 3     Management Systems and Processes

Unit 4     Managerial Skill

Block 2 : Decision-making

Unit 1     Organisational Context of Decisions

Unit 2     Decision-Making Models

Unit 3     Decision-Making – Techniques & Processes

Unit 4     Management by objectives

Block 3 : Organisation Climate and Change

Unit 1     organisational structure & managerial Ethos

Unit 2     management of organisational conflicts

Unit 3     management Change

Block 4 : organisation structure and processes

Unit 1     organisational Structure and Design

Unit 2     managerial communication

Unit 3     Plning process

Unit 4     Controlling

Unit 5     Delegation and Interdepartment coordination

Block 5 : behavioural Dynamics

Unit 1     Analysing interpersonal relations

Unit 2      Leadership styles and Influence process

Unit 3      Group dynamics