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Contents :Human Resource Management


Block 1 

Unit 1 Human Resource Development Systems

Unit 2 Personnel Management Environment In India

unit 3 Functions & Operations Of A Personnel Office

Unit 4 Manpower Planning

Block 2

Unit 1 Recruitment

Unit 2 Staff Training And Development

Unit 3 Career Planning

Unit 4 Motivation, Job Design And Appraisal

Block 3

Unit 1 Job Description, Analysis And Evaluation

Unit 2 Job Enrichment

Unit 3 Performance Appraisal

Unit 4 Compensation Planning 

Block 4

Unit 1 Laws And Rules Governing Benefits And Welfare

Unit 2 Salary Administration

Unit 3 Industrial Relations

Unit 4 Employee Discipline

Block 5

Unit 1 Suspension, Dismissal And Retrenchment

Unit 2 Grievance And Its Handling

Unit 3 Unions And Management

Unit 4 Employer’s Associations

Block 6

Unit 1 Collective Bargaining

Unit 2 Industrial Conflict Resolution

Unit 3 Industrial Democracy And Workers Participation